When Daryl & Rachel met at 17, they probably didn’t realise they’d fly from their home in Singapore to elope in Perth’s Swan Valley out the back of the gorgeous Olive Farm Wines. They also perhaps didn’t count on ALL their gorgeous friends and family flying over to join them for one giant love-fest. Eloping doesn’t always have to be a quiet affair, Rachel & Daryl’s day had the best of both worlds. Intimate, but surrounded with palpable love that had everyone completely caught up in their story. Both families were openly emotional ALL day, such a raw, true display of affection and joy. Rachel’s brothers provided the music during the ceremony, and played a special set before the dance-floor opened. It was an absolute honour to be there to capture these moments for them.

Rachel wore a stunning Rachel Gilbert dress, but that didn’t stop her from ditching the heels in favour of some trainers, so we could scale down a giant hill for the portraits (LEGENDS). Special mention goes out to her bridesmaid, who did the hike in heels! The Pretty Parlour provided the glam, Rose & Bud nailed the blooms as always and Styled Notion kept the guests nourished with a gorgeous grazing table, while we traipsed off for photographs in Perth’s fading light. Heyder and Shears killed it with the foods under the magic of the always stunning TP & Co Tipi! Hire Society & Grand Scene Events supplied all their gorgeous furniture, and the dancefloor provided by Oak & Barrel Events saw some seeeeerious action from all the guests, young and old.

I wish I could articulate fully just how magical this day was. The tenderness and consideration Rachel & Daryl showed each other, and their loved ones, is testament to their families and the way they’ve chosen to move through the world. It was a pleasure to spend the day with you guys. Here’s a few little words from the newlyweds themselves.


We love that our wedding wasn’t a day about us – but a celebration of God and the people in our lives who have made us who we are. Their love is what truly made it unforgettable and so so special. 

It wasn’t just how you captured everything so organically and real, but the mood and ease you put us at as you went about the day. We felt like you were part of the celebration the whole time! Some people are good at what they do, and then there are others who are meant to do what they do – and to us, that’s exactly you.

All our love,

Rachel + Daryl

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