15 September 2018

So, what's all this about?

It’s a half day, casual, no-judgement zone class for all of us who love photography but haven’t found the time to sit through 4,000 YouTube tutorials by middle-aged men who are super into nature photography. We’re going to make using manual mode feel second nature to you. 

I’ve been shooting professionally for six years. I’m self-taught on digital, but owe all my film knowledge to Mr Burns at Albany Senior Highschool (2002 graduates represent!) I currently reside in Perth, working as a full-time wedding photographer. The nature of my work means I’m constantly thrown into different lighting situations, you have to be adaptable and quick. I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks along the way, and would love to share them with you.  I’m a visual learner myself, so I prefer to teach that way too. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to pick up your cameras yourself and play.

How to create what you love

You want to know how to create the images that speak to you. You’re going to learn how to understand aperture, shutter speed & ISO, how they work together, and how to use them to make light your bitch! We’ll have a look at some of the greats, talk about composition and techniques. You’ll be asked to bring in a few photographs that you really like (that you’ve taken yourself, or of someone else’s work). Then we’ll break it all down to really identify what it is that you like about the work, why, and how to capture moments like these when you pick up your own camera.

Editing in Lightroom

You’re gonna walk away with knowledge of how to bring your work to life with good editing, suss out the world of presets and how to customise them into a style that’s uniquely yours. Wrap your head around RAW files and JPEGs, and how to catalog and store your files correctly. Understand the difference between high and low resolution, and how it can impact the quality of printing vs online use.

Reading light & positioning

Light. The everything. You’re going to gain the skills to read it and how to tame it to get the images that you desire. We’ll have a model come in for a demo shoot, followed by an editing session so you can see how it gets from the flat RAW image, to the finished piece. You’ll have an opportunity to practice your newly acquired skills yourself on a little photo-walk, as well as on a set-up still life.

You're gonna get a feast

You can’t learn squat without full nourishment right? There’s gonna be a bad-ass spread of food. And coffee. Yep.

What do we need to bring?

Just your mad cute selves, and a DSLR camera. Canon & Nikon preferred, but if you’re bringing something else, that’s cool – just shoot us a line so I can be full bottle on how to help you adjust and read your settings on the day. Notepad and pen will be provided, but if you’d like to bring a computer (because that’s way faster to make notes on) please feel free!


The course investment is $440 (inc GST) and will run on the 15th September 2018 in Albany (location TBA). It will run for 4.5 hours from 12 – 4.30, and includes liquid gold coffee, the good foods, and all the dope-ass knowledge that’s going to elevate your photography and the confidence to make great work. There are STRICTLY limited seats, so we can keep the workshop small and allow me to work with each of you closely.